Gardens By the Bay, Singapore


For our short stay of just 2 days in Singapore we were fortunate to be able to stay with a UK friend who’s being working there for a few years. He had a lovely apartment in a large complex that had a fabulous pool with a range of massage pools and jacuzzis. A good couple of hours was spent here on our first morning – a real luxury after our travels through Malaysia!

For the first time in ages, we had some excellent take-out pizza for tea (no rice!) = very happy kids!

No visit to Singapore is complete without a visit to the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel/Resort and the Gardens by the Bay. So we spent an afternoon taking in these sights including a glimpse of Singapore’s famous Merlion statue across the water.

On our 2nd day, before catching up for dinner with some other friends, we explored the Botanic Gardens, paying the small fee to get into the Orchid Garden. The latter was really nice, but unfortunately much of it was closed off for renovation work. We spotted several monitor lizards in the main gardens, some allowing us to get quite close for some good photos.

Our time in Singapore also enabled us to search for and purchase a 2nd hand kindle to replace one whose screen had died. We used the Carousell mobile app which seems to be a very popular marketplace here.

With a bleary-eyed 5am wake-up call, we left on an early flight to Hong Kong and then, after a long 8 hours in the airport, onto Cairns, Australia. The long wait in the airport turned out to be a blessing, as I’d left our SLR camera on the plane! Once we’d noticed, the customer service staff in the airport were brilliant, and we were soon re-united with it.

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  1. Your stay in Singapore must have seemed quite luxurious, being in nice air-conditioned accommodation. Beautiful photos, lovely orchids.

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